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5 Steps to Making an Insurance Claim

As storms hit the Tri-cities and Southwest Virginia area during the warmer months, damage to homes is common. Filing a claim with your insurance company can be daunting and, of course, BDM Construction wants to get your home back to new as soon as possible.  Here’s how we are going to help you understand the steps to take when making an insurance claim: 

  • Who should you call first?
  • What information do you need?
  • What is the timeline for the claim?

Filing a claim with your insurance agency is the first call you should make.


Your insurance agent is your main source for understanding what lies ahead. By calling your insurance company right away, you will get your claim started faster.  You’ll also be able to ask questions and obtain important information about what your policy covers. If you cannot get a hold of your agent directly, reach out to your insurance company’s claims department which will be listed on your policy’s declaration page.

Have all policy information ready.


It’s important to have all of your policy information ready so your claim is processed as fast as possible.  Any missing information can cause a delay! It is recommended that you have the following documents: 

Your insurance agent’s phone number

Your insurance company’s phone number

Your policy number (or numbers)

Your homeowners’ policy documents

File as soon as possible.


When making an insurance claim, sooner is better!  Waiting can cause long term damage that the insurance company might not cover.  Not to mention, the sooner you file, the sooner the repairs can begin. 


Call us as soon as you file!


BDM Construction Inc is here to help you during your time of need. The sooner we can help guide you through your storm repairs, the quicker we can get your home back to new without further expenses or damage. Our team also offers emergency tarping services.  Contact us as soon as possible so we can work with your insurance and get the ball rolling! 

Give us a call if you ever need help filing your claim or getting help in your time of need, we would be glad to help walk you through it!

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